Elizabeth Pennock Counseling

Elizabeth is available to see clients from her office in Oviedo, FL and via telehealth for individuals living in Florida. If you are interested in meeting with Elizabeth or if you have questions regarding counseling, please use the contact form or send Elizabeth an email.

Elizabeth Pennock has worked as a mental health counselor in Orlando, FL since 2010. She believes that transformation begins when we are able to experience the kindness of another in the darkest parts of our stories. Regardless of the specific issue that an individual desires to explore in counseling, she creates a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for growth. Elizabeth specializes in working with children, teens, & adults who have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect, as well as with those who are walking through times of transition and grief.

Prior to earning her MA in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando), Elizabeth lived for seven years in eastern Europe and now she frequently works with individuals and families who are facing the stresses and transitions involved with expatriate life. Elizabeth completed her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Central Florida, with a focus on trauma and trauma-informed care.

Elizabeth Pennock is a board-certified professional counselor (NCC) with a specialty in clinical mental health counseling (CCMHC).